No shotgun, start from 2:30 pm
Blue Bay Golf Course

Including dinner

Entry Fee:

Matchfee including dinner:

  • Members NAF 75
  • Non-members NAF 75 + Green fee

Flags Masters

We’ll be playing a tournament walking! But not a regular tournament, we’re playing a modified version of a Flags tournament!

A Flags Tournament is a format in which each golfer starts the round with a designated amount of strokes and plays until they run out. Each golfer in the tournament carries a flag with their name on it as they play and uses it to mark where their final shot comes to rest.

  1. We play our „Walking 10“ route. You will get a flag with your name on it to take with you on the course.
  2. Every golfer can choose 3 golf clubs plus putter (therefore you don’t have to carry your whole bag with you on the course)
  3. 9-hole playing handicap gives the strokes. Example: Handicap 16 plays from Blue with a playing handicap of 17. For 9 holes, half of the playing handicap counts, so it’s 8,5 -> 9.
  4. In our example, you count the 9 hole playing handicap from above on top of the regular PAR for 9 holes (36). This will be 36 + 9 = 45 strokes.
  5. In our example, after doing the 45 strokes, the player puts his flag next to his ball into the ground and is done playing. If he still didn’t reach 45 strokes after playing 9 holes, the player continues play until he reaches the 45 strokes.
  6. The player getting the furthest on the course wins the competition.
  7. Afterwards we’ll have nice dinner and enjoy the beautiful Caribbean flair, as always!


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