Bistro with a beautiful view over the golf course
Beautifully situated in the historic plantation house
For pre- or post-golf bites and drinks, or any other occasion

Openings hours: Daily from 7AM - 10PM

Breakfast daily: 7AM - 11AM

Lunch daily from 11AM - 5PM

Dinner daily from 5PM - 10PM

Happy Hour & Live Music: Every Thursday 5 pm - 6 pm


Welcome to our restaurant right at the heart of Blue Bay Curaçao. Indulge yourself with a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner, while enjoying the beautiful golf course of Blue Bay Curacao. 

Lemongrass Bistro is situated in the heart of the resort, in the centuries-old plantation house. This is the place to meet up, have a drink and start your golfing adventure. The cozy terrace with its gorgeous view will immediately set the right mood. Of course, the clubhouse also acts as the ‘19th hole’, where you can catch your breath with a refreshment.

What’s on the menu? You can enjoy breakfast with eggs benedict, pancakes or a healthy acai bowl. Also, you can enjoy fresh smoothies. For lunch you can enjoy various salads or choose for a delicious soup, sandwich or burger. The dinner menu is focused on shared dining. With a lot of options such as pata negra, oysters, beef tartare, gambas, mula, cod fish and steak.

For information and reservations, contact: +5999 888 8800 ext. 115