View monumental three-dimensional work in a public space

Sculpture Garden

Visit the Blue Bay Sculpture Garden today!

The Blue Bay sculpture garden can be visited free of charge at Blue Bay Golf & Beach Resort Curaçao. The Sculpture Garden contains various sculptures, mainly by Curaçao artists and by artists who work with materials or themes from Curaçao. The Sculpture Route starts at the welcome center, via Landhuis Blauw, and ends at  beach restaurant Coast.

At the moment (2023) there are 42 statues on the resort, 17 of which are large sculptures along various roads of the resort and the other, smaller, statues in the welcome center and around the Landhuis Blauw. The figurative and abstract sculptures are made of all kinds of materials: Table Mountain stone, marble, iron, stainless steel, old metal, aluminum, used materials, waste material, ceramics, coral stone, glass, bronze, wood.

The participating artists are: Eddy Baetens, Martie Genger, Avantia Damberg, Hortence Brouwn, Giovanni Abath, Ellen Spijkstra, Omar Sling, Rien te Hennepe, Brigitte Wawoe, Yubi Kirindongo, Annemieke Dicke, Ria Houwen, Aïlsa Anastatia, Ellen Elings, Nic Jonk , Norva Sling, Gerrit Jan van der Veen, Babs de Brabander-Miltenburg, Marlies Schoenmakers, Marcel van Duijneveldt, Bernadetta van Eps-Schretlen, Ashley Mauricia, Maghalie van der Bunt-George, Marjon Wegman, Roberto Tjon-a-Meeuw, Herman van Bergen, Salustiano Martha, Godelieve Smulders and Carlos Blaaker.